Labette County Appraiser is a four-year statutory position (KSA 19-430). County appraisers must satisfy certain qualifications to hold the office of county appraiser in Kansas. To serve as county appraiser, a person must have one or more of 4 appraisal designations: an RMA, CAE or RES, or a General Certification. The person must also have at least 3 years mass appraisal experience. Finally, they must be on the eligibility list to hold office by the Director of Property Valuation (Kansas Department of Revenue.)
State of Kansas guidelines and requirements

Under Kansas State reappraisal guideline (KSA 79-1455), Labette County is required to reappraise all properties annually. Reappraisal of personal property, commercial property and oil and gas production is also required under these guidelines.

Labette County is required by the State of Kansas to review 17% of all real estate each year and also pickup new construction or demolition of property.

Kansas reappraisal laws require that all real estate is to be valued at fair market value except for agriculture land which is valued as agriculture use value which the State of Kansas sets those values.

Contact Info

DeLinda White
County Appraiser
501 Merchant Oswego KS 67356
620-795-2548 x329