State Cost-Share Financial Assistance Programs



What is state cost-share?

The Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Conservation (DOC) currently funds two programs in Labette County to provide financial assistance to landowners who instill conservation practice(s) that provide the highest water quality and/or water conservation benefit.  The goal of cost-share administration is the effective and efficient expenditure of limited funds to improve and protect Kansas' water resources.  The two programs are:

  1. Water Resources Cost-Share Program (WRCSP)
  2. Non-Point Source Pollution Control Program (NPSPCP)


The WRCSP and NPSPCP provide financial incentives to landowners for the establishment of conservation practices that reduce soil erosion, improve or protect water quality, and reduce the consumptive use of water supplies. 

  1. Protection of public water supply lakes and groundwater sources
  2. Priority issues identified through the State Water Planning Process
  3. Improving irrigation delivery system efficiencies in targeted areas


Practices in Labette County that are currently being funded are:


Water Resources Cost-Share Program

  • Diversion
  • Forage and Biomass Planting
  • Grade Stabilization Structure
  • Grassed Waterway or Outlet
  • Range Planting
  • Terrace
  • Underground Outlet

Non-Point Source Pollution Program

  • Access Road 
  • Brush Control Management
  • Cover Crops
  • Fencing
  • Forage and Biomass Planting
  • Heavy-Use Protection Area
  • Nutrient Management
  • On-Site Wastewater System
  • Pipeline
  • Pond
  • Range Planting
  • Waste Storage Facility
  • Watering Facility
  • Water and Sediment Control Basin
  • Wetland Creation
  • Wetland Enhancement
  • Wetland Restoration
  • Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment

Funding for these programs is provided by the Division of Conservation, Kansas Department of Agriculture through appropriation from the Kansas Water Plan Fund. 


Applying for Cost-Share

Cost-Share is available to anyone who owns land in Labette County and wishes to implement soil and water conservation and/or pollution control practices on their property.  Following the sign-up deadlines, all applications will be evaluated and ranked by the District to ensure fairness to all landowners and to allow funds to be granted to the conservation projects that are considered a priority in the area.  The sign-up does not guarantee approval of the application or cost-share assistance.


Once approved for the program, landowners will be notified of the practice(s) approved and the estimated amount of cost-share that will be provided by mail.  No work shall begin prior to receiving an approval letter.  If any work is started before receiving approval, the cost-share project will become ineligible for cost-share.  An on-site evaluation may be conducted by the Conservation District/NRCS staff to determine the eligibility of the project.  

If you are interested in cost-share financial assistance for your conservation or pollution control project, please fill out the State Cost-Share Financial Assistance Request and W-9 forms and email them to or contact District Manager, Erin Hibbs, at 620-784-5431 ext. 329

State Cost Share Application     

W-9 Form


Facts About State Cost-Share in Labette County

  • Landowner cannot receive more than $4000 in a cost-share project
  • Payments are based on County Average Cost (CAC), the cost of project practices and components determined annually by the Board of Supervisors using price averages within the county
  • CAC does NOT always reflect the practice installation cost, and it is the landowner's responsibility to get project quotes from contractors
  • Payment is based on a percentage of County Average Cost (50%)
  • Practice must meet resource concern to be considered
  • Applications will be ranked based on conservation improvement
  • Contract includes agreeing to a 10-year minimum of maintaining the practice according to required maintenance procedures
  • The landowner is responsible for selecting a contractor and project estimation costs
  • The project must meet all NRCS design specifications
  • Project cannot be started until contract is approved by KDOC
  • 1 year deadline to complete the project
  • Landowner must keep and submit all receipts for a project's cost, including labor and seed tags, to the Labette County Conservation District


Q:  Can I apply for financial assistance for the new septic system recently installed in my home?

A:  No, one of the first eligibility requirements for financial assistance consideration is that the project has not been started or completed.  


Q:  Where can I sign-up for financial assistance on some terraces I need?

A:  At the conservation district office located in the same county as the property where the proposed terraces are going to be installed.  Note that conservation districts have designated sign-up periods for accepting requests for financial assistance, so you will need to find out when you can sign up.  Most conservation districts are located in the USDA Service Centers.


Q:  I cash lease my neighbor's pasture for my cattle to graze.  I pay for all improvements such as fencing and fertilizing the grass.  Can I get cost-share to have a water will dug and pipeline installed?

A:  The state's cost-share programs only provide financial assistance to landowners.  Perhaps you would want to make arrangements with the landowner and have him/her apply for the financial assistance.  


Q:  I received state cost-share money a few years back on a waterway.  I am getting ready to sell my farm ground.  What do I need to do about the contract that I signed?

A:  It is your responsibility to obtain a written contract/agreement with the new owner to transfer the maintenance obligations to the new landowner of within 10 years of the practice completion date.  You will also need to provide the conservation district with a copy of the copy/agreement.