• The applicant must fill out the TX Application Form completely and thoroughly and must provide all required Additions and other documentary support.

  • The applicant's statement of facts must be provided by way of affidavit. Unsworn statements cannot form a basis in fact for a property tax exemption.

  • The application must be filed by the property owner or the property owner's attorney. See K.S.A. 79-213.

  • The applicant has the legal burden to prove entitlement to exemption. Failure to provide sufficient proof will result in denial of the exemption.

  • The application must be filed with the county appraiser for review and recommendation. After the county has completed its review of the application and has made a written recommendation, the county will forward the application and supporting documents to the Board.


  • The county is required by law to review the application (and supporting documents) and make a recommendation regarding whether the exemption request should be granted or denied and whether a hearing should be held. See K.S.A. 79-213(d).

  • In cases where the county recommends denial of an exemption, the county is required to include in its recommendation a statement of the controlling facts and law relied upon in reaching its negative recommendation.

 Below are documents related to the Exemptions process and applications.

When completing Tax Exemption forms for aircraft or vehicles please fill out the additonal documentation below.
If you have any questions please contact the Apprasier's office.