Maternal Child Health Program

We support pregnant women, families, and their babies through a variety of programs and services.  We also offer child/adolescent programs and services.  

We offer:

Maternal and Infant Program (for pregnant women and infants 0-12months)-

  • Education visits with a Nurse                                                                                                                           
  • Blood pressure and weight check for pregnant or postpartum mom
  • Education about healthy pregnancy, infant development and mother's well being 

                                                                         Everything You Need To Know About High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy |  Everyday Health

  • Referrals to additional community resources
  • Infant weight check
  • Information about infant care such as safe sleep, childproofing, car safety sleep, and child development
  • Information on breastfeeding and referral for breastfeeding support, if needed

Infant/Toddler/Child Health Program (9mo-10 years)-

  • Developmental screening for infants/toddlers 9-35 months
  • Referral for identified developmental concerns
  • Learning activities before next developmental screening
  • Vaccination visit:  administration of vaccines, information on vaccines available and vaccination schedule
  • Information on the importance of well-child visits/preventive services

Adolescent Health Program (1-18 years)

  • Vaccination visit: administration of vaccines, information on vaccines available, and vaccination schedule for adolescent
  • Education on health and safety behaviors including information on nutrition, STD testing, substance & alcohol abuse, tobacco use, physical activity, and unintentional injuries. 
  • Patient Health Questionnaire for Adolescents (PHQ-A) a self report questionnaire to assess for anxiety, mood, eating, and substance use disorders.  

Services are provided by appointment and at no cost (there will be an administration fee for vaccines unless client has Medicaid).