The County Appraiser is responsible for determining the appropriate value of property based on state guidelines. 

Real property is appraised at "market value" as it exists the first day of January each tax year, except for land devoted to agricultural use, which is appraised at its "use value" not "market value".

Valuation Notices are mailed once a year in green envelopes, they are mailed out by the Appraiser’s Office. This is your official notification of the County Appraiser's estimate of value for your real property. This value has been updated as required by law.

THIS IS NOT A TAX BILL it is the estimate of VALUE for your real property.

If you do not agree with the estimate value for your real property you have 30 days from the date mailed to file an Informal Appeal Hearing. You will need to contact the Appraiser’s Office to schedule a hearing and you will need to supply any documentation for your hearing. Documentation can include any recent surveys or appraisals, photographs, and sales or listing information.

If you are requesting Notice of Values for a property owner you will need to have a Declaration of Representative before you can recieve the values. See Related Documents below.

If you have any questions or wish to schedule an appeal, contact the Appraiser's Office at any of the numbers listed below. 


Contact Info

Appraiser's Office
501 Merchant St Oswego, Ks 67356
620-795-2548 ext 329

Jean Nash
Commercial/Residential Supervisor
501 Merchant St Oswego, Ks 67356

Clint Ball
AG Supervisor
501 Merchant St Oswego, Ks 67356