Emergency Management

Labette County Emergency Management maintains the Emergency Operations Center located at 718 5th Street at the Law Enforcement Center. The directors are Charlie Morse and the coordinator is Brandy Grassl.

Emergency management is the process of coordinating available resources to deal with emergencies effectively, thereby saving lives, avoiding injury and minimizing economic loss. This protection process involves four phases:

Mitigation -- Acting to reduce the possibility of a disaster occurring or reduce losses from a disaster.

Preparation -- Writing plans, identifying resources, negotiating agreements, training and exercising plans and resources.

Response -- Mobilization of forces using the resources available to stabilize a situation.

Recovery -- Immediate and long-term efforts to help the community return to near normal conditions again.

Labette County Emergency Management works in conjunction with area first responders, including law enforcement agencies, fire departments, emergency medical services, 911 emergency communications and others, as well as with regional, state and federal agencies when needed.
EPCRA Responsibilities

Contact Info

Charlie Morse
Emergency Manager/Environmental Manager
1902 S Hwy 59
Bldg C
Parsons KS 67357


Emergency Operations Center
718 5th Street
Oswego, KS 67356