County Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (CNRP)


County Neighborhood Revitalization:

This plan is intended to promote the revitalization of the area of Labette County, Kansas through the rehabilitation, conservation or redevelopment of the area in order to protect the public health, saftey or welfare of the residents of the county.

This program is designed for remodel or new construction of a property such as new addition to an existing structure, new structure, or interior remodel and etc.

  • Some renovations can be considered maintenance of a property such as a roof, painting, and etc.
  • Residential fencing, and Residential driveways where vehicles are parked are not considered for Ad Valorem taxes.

If you have questions about what is consider maintenance or new construction call the Appraiser’s Office.

Applications are available on this website as well as the County Appraiser's Office & the County Treasurer's Office. Applications shall be submitted with a non-refundable $200.00 applicaiton fee to the County Appraiser's Office. Applications must be received and approved prior to commencement of construction.


Legal Description of Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Area:
The Boundary of the NRP area includes all areas within the legal boundaries of Labette County EXCEPT those areas within the corporate limits of any city, the footprint of the Great Plains Industrial Park, and the federal zone surrouning Bill Hill Lake. 

Please read the complete application to verify if you’re eligible.

For Application see attachment in Relevant Douments below.


If you live within city limits please contact your City Office for more information on their NRP programs:

If you have questions about what is consider maintenance or new construction please call your local City Office or contact The Appraiser’s Office.

City of Chetopa: 620-236-7511

City of Oswego: 620-795-4433

City of Parsons: 620-421-7020 or 620-421-7030

For more information please contact the Appraiser's Office

Contact Info

Brian Johnson
County Counselor
425 Commercial St Oswego, Ks 67356

Labete County Commissioners
501 Merchant St Oswego, Ks 67356

DeLinda White
501 Merchant St Oswego, Ks 67356

Labette County Appraiser's Office
501 Merchant St Oswego, Ks 67356
620-795-2548 ext 329