Environmental Health

Environmental Health supports and enforces the Labette County Sanitation Code through education, evaluation, permits and inspection.  The sanitation code establishes standards to eliminate and/or prevent the development of environmental conditions that are hazardous to health and safety, and promotes the economical and planned development of the land and water resources for the county.  The Labette County Sanitation Code was adopted on October 13, 1994 by the Board of County Commissioners and revised by the board on June 30, 2010.  The Sanitation Officer oversees permits/inspections for wastewater systems, licensing of wastewater contractors/haulers, and general environmental issues in the county.   

The Labette County Zoning Code for the Great Plains Industrial Park (GPIP) sets standards and guides development within the Park based on the values and visions in the Labette County Comprehensive Plan for the coordinated development of the land in the GPIP.As a growing area we welcome contractors offering professional services to Great Plains Industrial Park.  To protect Labette County and our consumers we have implemented Zoning and Licensing requirements within the footprint of the Great Plains Industrial Park (formally known as the Kansas Army Ammunition Plant).  Within this department you should find the Licensing Structure, Insurance Requirements, License Application, References for License Application, and the Renewal License Application.  For information regarding GPIP permits/fees or general questions please feel free to contact us at (620)421-4350.     


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Charlie Morse
Emergency Manager/
Environmental Manager
1902 S Hwy 59
Bldg C
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