Oil & Gas

The Kansas Department of Revenue Division of Property Valuation’s Oil & Gas Guide and rendition forms are prescribed by the Director of Property Valuation each year to assist county appraisers in establishing market value for oil and gas leases. The use of guide policies, procedures, guidelines, and prescribed rendition forms are required in the valuation process to promote uniform and equal assessments. The taxpayer is required to file rendition forms to the county appraiser on or before April 1 each year to avoid penalty.

2021 Oil & Gas Guide

For more information please contact the Appraiser's Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Are Penalties?

After March 15th the penalties are 5% per month up to 25% then 50% after a year for failure to file.

How Do I Change Ownership?

You need to contact your Operator concerning ownership and address changes. The Appraiser's Office must go by what is on the renditions send in by the Operator. If you are unsure of who your operator is you can contact the Appraiser's Office.